Life Captured; Life’s moments artistically captured.

Any portrait studio can take pictures of you and your loved ones with a variety of simulated backgrounds and props. At Life Captured, we want to give you lasting images of your life events captured as they happen. Not just “snapshots” but quality images that are artistic in nature and will bring back the feelings you had at the time of the time the images were captured. 

Whether it’s your child’s first haircut, a baby or wedding shower, or just a day at the park. The images we create will be lasting moments of life captured as it was happening. We use a variety of techniques to create a print that is a piece of art. The use of black and white, selective colorization, and sepia toning are just a few of the methods used to create your images.

Life Captured was started by photo artist Terry Carstens to help fill a void in the photography business. He felt that there was a need for creative alternatives to the traditional photography studio. Terry has been an avid photographer since he was ten years old and got his first Kodak 110 camera. He has taken numerous classes on photography and has over 15 years experience in the latest computer software techniques for editing images.

If you want something more than just the ordinary studio portrait, call Life Captured, and let us capture your life’s moments.


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